Monday, May 22, 2017

Can you imagine walking inside this beautiful garden every day! It is always 72 degrees, and you would have 4 acres of flowers to observe!  Would you get tired of that? I don't think so. On days like today when it is pouring rain, you could be safe and warm, but also get a lot of exercise!

It would take all of my time and effort to get a tree like these three pink ones in the front. I don't know even then if it would resemble these.  My time is not to be spent on such a thing, but someone, who God created, is very good at what they do! We can't all be a specialized gardener, and by the way, my green thumb has left the state! I used to be able to grow a nice vegetable garden, and we all loved it, but in this house, there isn't enough sun to grow much in our backyard.

So I move on to bigger and better things. How I would love to take down trees and turn it all into a huge organic garden, but my husband would't like that, and the town would fine us because we can't touch any of the trees! Can you imagine that, WE own the property, but they tell us what to do! So what is my point, I said I would move on, but now I'm reminded myself of how frustrating it can be when things don't go the way we planned.

God has others things for me! If I did a huge garden, I would be preoccupied, and I might forget that God called me to write, and mother, and that kind of thing. I will keep my eyes on the one who made every star and keeps it in place. He's the one that I praise because His plans for me have always been much grander than mine. Outstanding would be an understatement!  Blessings to you.

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