Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hello Friends, hope you are having a good week, whatever that means. Our thoughts on what is good can be very objective. What one gal thinks is a good week may end being horrible to another! God has our good in mind all of the time. How many of us really believe this? I didn't feel like that when my Mom was in a coma, after falling in our house. She died three days after. How could this be good for me Lord? It didn't feel good, and some things in life just won't feel right.

What I couldn't see was the bitterness that was beginning to grab her heart. She was angry because we felt she shouldn't drive anymore for her safety. This is a typical conversation that siblings have when aging parents need changes. It is not one that the aging parent agrees with. Mom also needed a walker and she felt it wasn't necessary and with that, she let go of said walker, and hit her head on the floor. Mom was not the type of person who spoke about her feelings. It was a subject that was not discussed in the family setting, but when you live with a family member you can sense their anxiousness, or hostility.

My Mom's desire for life to go on as it always had is one that we can all relate to. Not many people look forward to being incompasitated later in life. Her quality of life would be greatly diminished in her estimation. When she fell, and died three days later, God was showing  both my Mom and I mercy for our relationship. We had a good time together, and when she was taken it was as if Jesus said, "You know Ann, let's allow you to remember Mom in a positive way." I understand this now, and I am grateful for His perfect timing. I didn't have to become the parent to my Mom, and tell her what to do. 

God's grace and mercy extend far into our lives when we need them. I am so glad that He doesn't do life the way I might think is right. In His mercy He doesn't allow me to go my own way. He sees what's ahead and wants to prepare us for greater blessings. I am so short sighted, selfish and impatient. His best is what I need to be healthy, well and prepared in every way. Petfection still evades me, but I am learning and so are you, I am sure!

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