Friday, September 8, 2017

"We went through fire and through water; But You brought us out to rich fulfillment.  {Psalm 66:12}

You might be saying to yourself, I remember seeing this picture recently, and yes you would be right. I felt it bears repeating! I love the beauty of the reflection in the water that adds depth to the scene. I take a lot of pictures, hoping for a few that will be worthy of my blog. This one speaks to me, in a way that I can relate to. We all need to be reminded how much Jesus cares, and wants to bring us to a place of richness.

I am not writing today to tell you that if you trust in God, He will give you a million dollars. The richness that God wants to give moves beyond the money realm. Although He is a good provider in the natural, we have to do the physical labor 99.9% of the time. The abundance that God is talking about has to do with our souls, our spirits. We go through hard times, whether it is financial, relational, or physical. In the magazine "Voice of the Martyrs" a 90 year old man continues to serve God even though he knew he would probably be put in jail, again. Most of us have no idea what that kind of hardship is about. My Pastor has said many times, "If you  are willing to live for Jesus, you will die for Him.

And we see much destruction these days from water. Hurricanes in Texas and Louisiana, have left thousands without homes. We don't know yet about Florida, or what will occur after that. A earthquake in Mexico just happened today, and my daughter tells me that her friends are talking about Christ's return being around the corner. I don't know God's timetable, but I do know that we have never seen the level of disregard for God and His ways that we see today.

What should we do with a pending date of Jesus' return? Continue as we are. Serve God as best you can and however He leads you. Pray for wisdom, strength for yourselves and family. The Bible tells us there will be two in the field, and one will be left. There will be two grinding grain, and suddenly one will be left. Share God's love and desire to save those who are lost. Ask God to pour His love upon you so that you can shine as a light, as a lighthouse for Him, and don't act surprised when He does it! Blessings my dear readers.

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