Monday, May 21, 2018

"And do not give the devil a foothold." Ephesians 4:27

When the weather is so wonderful it can be hard at times to remember it does get better than this. Today is warm and sunny after many days of cool weather and rain. I don't mind winter if it would only be January, February and March, but lately spring doesn't come util May.

I'm sure you didn't tune in today to hear the weather report. My complaining about the weather can be a foothold of the enemy if I allow it. Nothing can bring others down like complaining. I won't do it anymore.

The enemy of our souls is sly, and He doesn't advertise His coming in our lives. He can be so subtile we don't realize he is anywhere around. He wants to trip us up big time. When I was dating my husband I had anxiety day and night. I thought it was indicating we were not right for each other. 

Nothing could have been farther from the truth. A seed from my childhood had been planted and it was a fear of men.  As we attended a friend's church one evening the Pastor came over after the service and started to pray for me. As he laid his hands on my head God gave him these words---

"That which you think is not from God is from God!"

The fear broke and I was free. Prayer is not always answered immediately and I'm not sure I have had it answered like that since. Before this service I had been praying and asking God for release and wisdom. It's amazing when God shows up!

Maybe I needed the power and faith of another person to break through.  Whatever the reason the enemy wanted to ruin my life and he didn't get to do it. We rejoice for His faithfulness and goodness in our lives. We have three grown children who have finished college, and one more to go.

Our kids will be arrows bursting the lies of the enemy and setting captives free. Rudy and I aren't finished by any means either. We have many good years ahead of us doing the same. Hope you can enjoy some sunshine today! 

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