Friday, May 25, 2018

I have hit the jackpot this week with pics! I love the look on this little girl's face. She is so excited! How long has it been since you were this excited about Jesus?

"And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption."  Ephesians 4:30 NIV

This weekend may be a beach weekend. Saturday is supposed to be really nice. Seeing this precious little one on the beach makes me want to run right down there. As a child my Dad would take us several times a week. We live on an Island and the local beach was 10 minutes away. I still live this close to the Long Island Sound.

Some of my friends won't go to the Sound beaches. It has to be the ocean or nothing. Since I grew up on these beaches I can enjoy either. I especially like not having to drive forty-five minutes to get to the ocean. There is lots of traffic, and I end up spending a whole day when I might want to go for just an hour or so.

West Meadow Beach in Setauket is low key. Not a big deal, but I like this about it.  It beings back memories of what Long Island used to be. I have lived here all my life so I remember in the 1960's when roads weren't crowded and life was simple.

Life since my childhood has changed dramatically! What is on God's heart about all this? He has an opinion I'm sure. As we go to His Holy Word we see lifestyles today are very different. The biggest change which I believe and many experts agree is the family.

The basic structure of husband and wife is God's design because it supports each other member when it is correct. Not perfect, but in accordance with God's priorities. Not one of us can achieve perfection especially when it comes to relationships. Words seem to be a huge part of maintaining good, strong marital bonds.

The Holy Spirit is grieved by the recklessness of priorities in our lives. Placing our Heavenly Father in the forefront of every relationship will cultivate an atmosphere of respect and self-control. I didn't say it was easy. Nothing worth anything in this life comes easy but it is worth every every struggle.

I have learned recently to swallow some of my words before spewing them at another. Stop and think before anything comes out. Will my words build this person up in the long run? Can I use a word picture as Jesus did to convey my thoughts so the precious member of my family can understand better? Can I humble myself just for a minute so I can gravitate toward words of life? I can, and so can you! Ask Jesus to help you as I have. It will make a difference.

Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Say a prayer for a family who has lost a member recently while in combat. I hope to be talking to you on Monday. Blessings and love to my dear readers!

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