Thursday, May 10, 2018

"to be made new in the attitude of your minds" Ephesians 4:23 NIV

Spring is here after much delay and cool weather. A fresh scent is in the air as trees bloom and flower pop out of the dirt. It seems as if spring came all at once on Long Island because it did! No gradual build up but what matters most is it's actually here. 

The newness of everything where ever you look is amazing. It is what we wait for and desire all winter long. It is parallel to our new minds when we come to Christ, and as we grow in Him. 

The transformation has been likened to a butterfly who starts a dull, dingy moth. Nothing about us is fresh and bright before the new attitude is given. Our minds become regenerated and cleansed in a marvelous way.

 We think about life in a whole different light, because we are in the light. We have to guard our hearts though because we can fall into darkness. This is where what we watch, hear and look at effects us.
I need to be especially aware of this  because I know I am sensitive. 

It is impossible to learn to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and feed ourselves trash. It would be a tug of war from one side to another. It would also grieve the Holy Spirit. This is not what we want as daughter of the Most High King!

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He will not hang around where He is not wanted. We live in a culture full of images and words which fly at us without warning. Television screens are in Doctor's offices, airports, and malls blaring sights and sounds we may not want to see or hear.

We all know about personal devices. Phones are our closest friends these days playing u-tube videos and other things no one has to know about. God doesn't look at us in judgement about our personal time. He looks out of love and compassion on us because He is the Prince of Peace. Thank Him today for His great love for you!

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