Friday, April 21, 2017

I have been meaning to tell you what I have been thinking lately. You are my valued readers, and I LOVE writing to you! It is a gifting in the works, I must say! I am honing my skills, and  and seeking after the Lord at the same time, because it is a new thing, and it's just not what I would do without Him! I keep pressing forward, even when I'm not sure it is making the best sense.

God admonishes us to never give up, and I am not about to do anything of the kind, but I would value your comments from time to time, especially when something speaks to you and causes you to become closer to the Lord. I am in a writers training program, and I am going to the "She Speaks" Conference in July by Lysa Terkeurst and her staff. I am so very excited about that!

Do you ever feel inadequate to fulfill what God says for you to do? Me too. But I know that only He can supply what I need. My Bible Study at church is about a fellow in the book of Judges who felt the same way. Gideon was a regular guy in his own eyes, not the strong or courageous type, but God saw him with different eyes. "And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, "The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!"    {Judges 6:12}

I'm pretty sure Gideon did a double take, looked around to see if this guy who is talking was addressing someone else, but no one else was around. Is he talking to me,Gideon must have wondered, since he was hiding in a a wine press threshing his wheat. Valor means great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. This sure doesn't sound like our guy, does it?

God doesn't see us as we are, but as we will be in His power and strength. If Gideon had confidence in Himself, God would't have gotten the glory for the battle. Gideon knew that it was God, but the Israelite people didn't get the message. What a shame! Pride is always our greatest enemy.

Please Father, Help me to realize your strength and my weakness. I am nothing without you! Nothing that I write is ever going to touch the hearts of these women if you don't work through me. This is my humble prayer. Amen

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