Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I realize that I haven't shared a lot with you about prayer. This is kind of funny to me, especially since all of my other writing is about prayer! Prayer is the single most important thing you can do to get close to Jesus. I know, reading the Word of God otherwise known as the Bible, is just as important, so we will have to say these two are the most important "things" one could do to grow in God.

Prayer is just a conversation with the one who made the heavens and the earth. Have you ever been to a pristine, beautiful real-life scene in  nature that took your breath away? Jesus is a hundred times more beautiful and awe inspiring than that. And you and I get to hang out with Him! That doesn't sound hard, does it? 

The only problem is that there is someone who is against you and doesn't want you to talk to Jesus. Hum, What a bummer! Actually, if we were not required to push our way through in prayer, we might not ever do it! Even though we have an enemy who hates our guts, we have victory over Him, and need to take our authority over him and this pressing, knocking and moving beyond the natural leads us on to finding the lover of our souls. 

No two relationships are the same. We know this in the natural world. It is also true in the spirit. Just as God tailor-made you the way that He wanted you, your relationship with Him will be exactly what you need. That doesn't mean that your life is perfect, but it does mean that if you are "willing" He is able.

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