Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This is a poster from the Kingdom Hearts Conference that I went to on Saturday. If you weren't able to be there please try to come next year. It is the only christian women's conference in Suffolk county put together by the women of Long Island. I am glad to support them and give them a shout out! We need to support local ministries. For some of you this is far away, but you can support the work of the Lord in your own back yard.

Our scripture today is from Psalm 68 :18 - "You have ascended on high, You have led captivity captive; You have received gifts among men,"

The Psalmist is speaking to God about His dominion, and rule. He says something like this: " You are highest above all the earth, there is no one above you. We read about this yesterday in the text from Philippians 2:9-10. We know through out scripture that The Name of Jesus is highly exalted, and glorified.The next part of Psalm 68 :18 takes us to a whole other place.

In order for Jesus to captivate  captivity, He had to go down to the lowest part of the earth, and declare from the very bowels of creation that He is Lord, and that He now has dominion and authority over everything ever created. POWERFUL! This is the finished work of the cross. This is why He came to earth, so that every thing that has tried to hold us captive and destroy us could be under His authority!! Every evil lie, that tried to hold me in depression, it is under His dominion, every fear that tried to hold me back from being more for God, He now has under His feet.

Every lie that tried to convince me that I wasn't saved is behind me, because Jesus took it captive, with His own life, and captured sin and death so that it would no longer have dominion in my life. I will live forever with Jesus after this life on earth, and what will He have me doing in heaven,?  I will be ruling and reigning with Him! How about you, do you want to live forever in His heavenly kingdom where there is no sin, no death, not darkness? No news on the tv of another terror attack or innocent lives lost? No terrible news from the doctor? He is Lord and He shall ever reign, and for those who call Him Lord and King, He will hide us from the terror that strikes by day, and the evil of the night. Tell Jesus that you love him today, and call Him Lord of All!

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