Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This is my backyard. What a classic autumn day! This helps me to let go of summer, and realize the beauty all the seasons. I enjoy the crispness in the air, and wearing a light jacket. Walking outside is beautiful and knowing that it won't always be like this helps me to enjoy it even more.

November has its good points and not so good points. The start of cold weather and the coming of winter don't thrill me, but I can find good in that if I try harder! Sometimes this is how God pushes us to grow in our faith. We get comfortable in our lives, same thing everyday, one rolls into another. How can we grow that way? He wants us to open our eyes to what is happening all around, and be willing to BE  the answer.

God has us in a world that has changed rapidly, and not for the better. He tells us to "Let our lights shine, because the light is what shows that there is darkness. Our lights get ever brighter in this darkness, and it is clear what is right and wrong. The love of God needs to shine in our lights for a lost world that so very much needs love and light. God is always willing, are you ready? Ask Him to help you, I know I do!

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