Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Catch for us the foxes the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that that are in bloom.                {Song of Solomon 2:15}

The most exciting thing about spring for me is to see what's yet to come. I think of this when looking at this picture, two flowers but many more yet to open and face the sun! The expectation is what makes it interesting! Unless you have gardening problems like me! Every year more trees encroach on our property from the woods behind us. My son Matt has been clearing out the small saplings so that we don't have woods up to the back door!

The other problem is ticks! Although the woods are beautiful and cool in the summer, they bring these tiny little critters into our house via dogs, and people. We have declared war on ticks! No more of these pests in our home, or on our people! Our town is known to be badly infested, and this year  worse than previous years. We don't have to just sit around and take this! Dogs are covered internally through medication, but what about us?

There are lots of pesky, little things that can cause us to lose patience,  joy or peace. We are not going to allow ticks to rob us of any of these! You can see how things can easily escalate from worry to fear, to overwhelming terror.  Not here. Life is too short to allow such things to run our lives. Do we do everything possible to keep them away, Yes. We protect ourselves as in all situations.

Do you have something that is running your life? Does it tell you when to go, or stay? Does it dictate where you will go and how? God loves you so much and He doesn't want you to be subject to lies or fears that bind you! Life is to be lived without fear of harm or trouble. Ask Him today to release you from such things, and fill you with His unmeasurable peace and freedom! He is the chain breaker, and He has already won the victory for you! Take hold of it today my friend and dear sister!  Love to all.


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