Friday, June 23, 2017

I am glad that I live in the age of modern conveniences. I can't imagine cooking over an open fire like this, especially in the summer! The women who did this had no idea what would come in the way of kitchen upgrades, so they didn't know that they were missing anything! It's like that with me too, and I'll bet you could say the same. We don't know what we are missing until we don't have it anymore.

I want to tell you about something that happened to some friends of mine. They moved to a new town, and every Thursday night they met after work at the gym, and then they went to a new restaurant. It was a fun way of getting to know the city. The husband left his car and got into his wife's car to go out. When they got back to the parking lot where his car was, his headlights were still on after being away for 3 hours!

She waited to make sure his car was ok, and when he pulled out she went home as well. When they met at home, the wife said to her husband, "You must have a really strong battery that your car was able to get you home like that!" The husband admitted, " It wasn't my battery, the car was still running and unlocked!" "Wow!" said the wife, I guess the criminals in that part of town didn't want an old man's Jaguar XJL! Can you imagine, I can, and I can't fault him one bit because I could do the very same thing!

 Sometimes we can be the ones looking at great riches that God has given, but like the people in this neighborhood, we don't get behind the wheel, and drive the car. We don't take hold of all that God has to offer us. Of course in this example they were smart not to drive this particular car, because they would have gone to jail,  but bare with me. Maybe we feel guilty about something we did, or didn't do, so we wait on the sidelines while others enjoy God's blessings. This is not God's desire, or plan for our lives! Jesus Christ came to give , and give and give! He gave abundant love, joy , peace, that nothing in this world can compare to. Can you pray this prayer with me now?

Dear Precious Lord Jesus,  I don't want to miss out on anything you have for me. I believe that all of your promises and yes and amen in the work that you did on the cross. Please forgive me for not taking what you have rightfully given to me. Help me to believe your love for me and that it has nothing to do with what I have done, but everything to do with what you have done.  Have a great weekend, my dear friends!

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