Friday, June 9, 2017

"Is not my word like a fire, declares the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?"   {Jeremiah 23:29}

This staircase is in the farmhouse on the property of Longwood Estates. Actually this part is in the newer portion that the Dupont's added on later. It is too fancy for a common farmhouse, although the Duponts did a great job of making the new section look identical on the outside to the original house.

I like it so much because of the window and the chandelier in the same picture. What's up with the door on the right?  As you come down the stairs, the foyer opens to a beautiful enclosed courtyard with huge plants and greenery. Why is there a door there I think to myself? Is it just a closet or does it lead to some grand room that we aren't supposed to see? Is the room being worked on, or is it a room for employees only?

Why do I care about this dumb door when there is so much beauty around me? What about the deep set window, what does it look out to? I could write a story, "The Chandelier, the Staircase and the Window." Forget about the door, but I can't! It seems strange to me that all of these items show up in one picture. I would have been fine if just the stairs window and chandelier were there.

Curiosity can get the best of us, in this case, I will have to wait until we go back to Longwood to find the answer. Gossip can try to show its ugly head, and act the same. Curiosity can cause us to walk into dangerous talk that hurts someone. Curiosity can cause us to open doors that need to remain shut. It can get us into a dark place that we never intended to go to. Think about what catches your curiosity.

What do you think about when you are alone? Do you have day-dreams of things that could entangle you to fall into sin, or ruin your marriage? I used to be entangled in my thoughts, so much that it pulled me down and wouldn't let me go! Until I looked deeply into the eyes of Jesus! There was no way for me to be free from the sin that I was in. Only Jesus can break the chains that hold us! I didn't know that He would do this for me! I believed for everyone else, but He desired to release me as well! What a everlasting Savior and Lord!

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