Thursday, June 1, 2017

Look at the height of this Conservatory! It is such a beautiful place! It's called Longwood Gardens and it is in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. It is about a 4 hour drive from L.I. depending on the traffic around NYC. Rudy and I went there in April to celebrate our anniversary. It was a Dupont Estate, but it is not lavish by any means. A 300 year old farmhouse graces the property, but I won't tell you any more, because I want you to go there and find out all the goodies for yourself!

Jesus told a parable about the weeds that grow along with the good seeds in gardens. You can read about it in Matthew 13:24-30. I thought about this several times when I was planting flowers today. Some of the plants were full grown and I wasn't that concerned about the weeds around them because I knew I could get rid of them at another time. What concerned me was when I planted seeds, and the many weeds that weren't expelled from the place where I wanted to put them. I frantically dug at them and pushed the soil away that held so many tiny little weeds , not even a 1/4 of an inch in height.

It is so true that these weeds were not planted there, or wanted, but they took the liberty of raising their little heads right where I had weeded in the past! How dare they! Well, so goes the story that Jesus told. The only way for me to stop weeds would have been to change the soil, and that wouldn't have been a permanent solution! We know Jesus wasn't telling fishermen this so that they could turn to farming, no, He wanted them to learn about people, and their true motives and hearts.

When it comes right down to it, we cannot know exactly if everyone who says they follow Jesus with all their hearts really does, and it is not up to us to find out either! There are times when we need to say something about ungodly behavior, and there are times to be silent. Knowing the difference is where prayer comes in. Surely when we love others we want to warm them of danger, so that they don't end up in turmoil. This is why we keep our eyes on Jesus, and not on others. Pray for God's wisdom, He will give the grace! Who knows, maybe some of those tares will become wheat!

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