Thursday, November 30, 2017

"And a voice from heaven said, This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased."

Can you imagine being there that day? Jesus has just been baptized  and had told the Pharisees that their motives are not pure, and why would any one of them bother to come? He said, "You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee this coming wrath?" A rebuke like that would have been way more than I would need to check my heart,  but this group of religious leaders don't flinch at any of what Jesus says. Why not? They are so sure of their heritage as sons of Abraham, that even the Messiah himself doesn't make sense to their way of thinking.

Pride in their heritage had kept them from the very one whom their heritage spoke of. Many references in the old testament speak of the coming Messiah, but this group  seemingly only wanted to believe the verses that spoke of the Mighty King Messiah who would rule over all. No one wanted the Messiah who would be the lamb of God, who would be the "scapegoat"for their sins. What did the people do with the verses that didn't agree with their theology?

This is a scary question because it can reflect back to us and cause us to wonder, what do we do with parts of the Bible that we don't understand? Do we walk along blindly accepting what we are told, or do we seek out wisdom from other parts of scripture? Do we check with our Pastor, to see what he understands about a certain subject? I don't have an answer, because I have rarely asked this question of myself, but I should, and so should you.

We need to be thinkers, believers, and seekers all at the same time. If we don't understand something, we need to search it out, because this is why God has given us His Word. We learn about Jesus, and his ways, his character and love for us when we look through scripture.With the use of the internet this type of searching has become easier. 

We can have a plethora of information right in front of us at any given time, day or night, but this has its dangers too. Some reliable on-line sources are, or Just click on these resources  and you will be amazed at what is offered. I ask reliable, seasoned christians for help if I get stuck, and I pray for wisdom. God is not afraid of our questions. He says, come, and find the treasures within!

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