Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I was thinking about the past as I looked at this picture, but then I realized how important it is to look forward to the future, and all the good that God has in store. Sometimes we can tend toward reminiscing and thinking about how good it was way back when. God is in the here and now, and he wants us to live in the here and now too. 

It came to me that I should start to pray for the future generation; the ones not born yet. I haven't thought about those to come, because none of my children are married yet, but then I prayed for my children before I was married. It makes sense, especially in the world we live in today. My sons and daughters do not know the world that I grew up in. The world of dial phones, no computers, or e-mail. How about no credit cards, cars and houses without air conditioning, and the milk man. Life seemed to be much simpler then, but the grace of God was there in our lives as it is today.

We have an opportunity to pray the blessings of God forward for our families. My husband and I are first generation christians, but some of you can say you are serving God today because a grandparent prayed or an Aunt.

 With the improvement of technology we can now see a child being knit together in their mother's womb, an impossibility 50 years ago. It is next to impossible to say, because of scientific technology, that life begins any later than at conception, but those who want to be blind to the truth will be blind. Think of the great complexity of the human body, now known to a greater extent with the understanding of DNA and the human genome. As technology continues to take the world to new heights, so it will be harder to deny the existence of The God who put it all together. Our enemy will blind those who choose not to see, but science points to the Savior, not away from him. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." {Genesis 1:1} It is that simple.

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